The A to Z Style Manifesto of Accessories

There is an art to accessorizing: an art where most rules go out the window, but a few do apply. It is a chance to be creative and to make a statement about who you are and who you are not! Many stylists make statements such as “Less is more;” “Take one off before leaving the house;” or “You must own an ‘it’ bag” to be stylish.” I have a different approach.

Accessories are your best way to bring your existing wardrobe into a current season or to channel your “must have” look. The first thing to consider is your budget. You don’t want to be loading up on cheap jewelry or grabbing the next “it” bag and not paying your power bill.  Make wise investments on bags, jewelry, a good manicure, scarves, shoes.

Don’t forget the beauty of shopping at local designer consignment shops or hitting their online stores. This is the best way to stretch your dollars and find amazing pieces. We love

In these next few blogs, I’ll give you my insights on accessorizing.  The right accessories will make you and your clothes stand out in a crowd. Clothing without accessories is not fashion — it’s blah. So come with me on a tour of the world of accessories…there’s something for everyone!


Logos should not be what defines you or your style. My motto in life is “go big or go home,” but not when it comes to logos. Keep them minimal and try not to wear more than one logo at a time. You don’t want to look like “Snooki won the lottery and takes on Russia”~ You get the picture! You might has well wear a t-shirt that says “nouveau riche”. Here’s my rule about logos: Don’t wear it if the logo on it is larger than the palm of your hand,

Bags ~ “The “it” bag doesn’t exist,” but classic ones do!”

Bags must be practical in color, size and shape depending on your lifestyle. I tend to prefer a larger more structured bag for my everyday “go to” bag. It must have pockets inside to organize my keys, cell phone, etc. The worst kind of bag is one where everything falls to the bottom.

For the evening I prefer a clutch. Keep an eye out for any metallic skins (snake, alligator,crocodile, faux is approved). They go with everything! My favorite pieces include a classic Chanel in black, a vintage Hermès Constance, and fun Tribe bags with tassels and fringe. Always remember the “logo” rule we discussed earlier.