Create a simple check list:

  • Can I afford it (remember quality vs. quantity)?
  • Do I LOVE it and  I can’t live without it (you know what I mean)?
  • Does it go with several things in my wardrobe (obviously a neon green bag with a large pink logo on it is NOT & SHOULDN’T)?
  • Can I walk more than 2 feet in them without looking like I just had foot surgery or like I will need it?
  • Do I want it because 1) my friend has one 2) I just saw it in the latest fashion magazine as the “must have” of the season 3) I really love it and I know it will be a perfect addition in my existing wardrobe?  ~ If you answered 3 than get it, if not then re-think!
  • Do I have all the top designer consignment stores in my area on speed dial or in my “favorites” on my gadget so I know how to get the most bang for my buck?

Shoes ~ “Life is too short to wear bad shoes”

Let’s keep the shoe part short and sweet. Life is really too short to wear bad shoes. Buy less and buy good quality. Everyone obviously needs the basics : black, nude and a metallic. It’s up to you what heel height and shape you can wear. Because I am only    5′ 4″ I like the big wedges, heels with platforms, lot’s of cork & metallics for summer and warm boots for winter. I like to organize my shoes by color and within the color by the heel height!

Nails ~ A regular manicure is a must. Have fun with color and neutrals, but please no French or squared off nails with stones…those looks are so passé.

I saved the nails for last since it is a very important part of completing a look. You should have fun with nails but also now when to keep it classic. A look that has been so over done is the french squared off manicure and some go to the extreme of adding bling. As I stated earlier it is very passé. Living in the south you see it everywhere but if you surf the magazines and images of your favorite stars you will notice you can’t find it. Take the hint and try a new look for the season. The gel polish mani is my new obsession. They last for two weeks and come in every color imaginable without damaging your natural nails.