Jewelry ~ “it takes the eye away from wrinkles so pile it on”

Jewelry is a very personal, whether it is your grandmothers’ vintage brooch, your mother’s diamond or that “must have” piece you scored at the market during your travels. This is what makes the art of accessorizing fun. Get creative by layering your pieces or adding that pin to a fun set of beads or pearls you bought at the market. I wear lots of gold but you can modify to silver. Here are a few of my favorite pieces you may want to add to your arsenal:

  • long pearls you can layer or wear short (real if you can afford them, if not there are so many good fakes)
  • a fabulous vintage Chanel gold necklace or for budget reasons a good chunky gold one
  • a thin gold layering piece (stella & dot has good options)
  • Statement necklace – any piece designed by Colibri Collections. A mix of stalactites, geodes, quartz & onyx etc.
  • 3-4 bold cocktail rings. An edgy one for black, a large pearl one, a fun colored stone set in gold and a chunky gold piece
  • bracelets- lot’s of fun layering pieces in leather & beads, layering pearls, chunky gold link (J. Crew has good options), “Made is Sable” agate bracelets by Colibri Collections in neutral color palettes.
  • earrings – diamond studs (real or fake), I love my long drop cross earrings in brass & silver combo, chandelier earrings in neutrals and blues, Van Cleef’s clover drop earrings in pearl (or something similar) and my current obsession is geode & stone earrings by Colibri Collections.

Scarves ~ Oui. Thick and thin scarves, silk and wool, brightly colored or muted classics. Use them to keep your neck warm during the dead of winter or to liven up your outfit in the middle of a rainy spring day. Cashmere ~ Don’t leave home without it.

Scarves and cashmere are a fun way to add instant color, style and warmth. Have fun with scarves, wear them around the neck, in your hair, as a bracelet or belt and tie one on to your bag to change up your look. My favorite’s are anything by Missioni, Pucci, Hermès or fun ones I can pick up Target or street markets during travels. Large cashmere scarves & poncho’s are a must when I travel.

A Kiss of Couture…ARZ