Month: June 2014

Special Thanks to Santa Barbara Magazine

Where will your summer travels take you? Read about one of my favorite hot spots in this months issue of #SantaBarbaraMagazine …..may the #jetset summer life start this week! Stay posted to all my travels, a few secrets are in my suitcase! Thank you #SantaBarbaraMagazine for the shout out!

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Get Lifted at the Barre

If you haven’t touched a ballet barre since your elementary school days, don’t panic! I want to introduce all my followers and friends to my newest obsession: Pure Barre. If you’ve already heard about it, then you’re probably one of the women in my classes because you’ve gotten hooked. If you haven’t hopped on the Pure Barre train (or should I say medicine ball) yet, then get ready, I’m about to rock your world and your getting ready to get a butt lift.
Pure Barre is a new breed of fitness class, designed to tone and strengthen you, but in a different way than traditional gyms. I’m all about staying healthy and maintaining good habits, but I’ve never been a “going to the gym” person. I need something that’s fun and in a group setting. That’s why Pure Barre has become my new favorite hangout! What makes it unique is that all the exercises are centered around a ballet barre. All the workouts are high intensity, but very low impact, and are done using the barre for balance.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re not too sure about this. Lacing up pointe shoes wasn’t really your idea of getting in shape, but it isn’t Pure Barre’s idea either. There’s no dancing (and thankfully no tutu…well not always) involved, just tiny isometric movements meant to lift and tone. If you see someone walking around with a perky butt and your wondering where how they do it, I’m willing to bet it came from the barre! Keep an open mind ladies, banish all the negative thoughts and try out a class! Pure Barre is something anyone, of any shape or size, can do because it puts little to no pressure on your joints. Their 55 minute, full-body workouts target women’s problem areas and even incorporate a stretching segment so as to create long, lean muscles. I have personally seen woman transform their bodies and attitude.
Block out the rest of the world for an hour and focus on you! And as they say, “a transformed body and a clear head… it doesn’t get much better than this.”

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