Month: November 2014

Amy’s Top Holiday Decorating Tips

The Holiday season is upon us, whether we are ready for it or not!

Here are some of my tips for last-minute decorating on a budget, to ensure that your life and home are ready for every family gathering and elegant dinner party!

1. Don’t overlook IKEA- IKEA is a fabulous one-stop-shop destination for all of your holiday decor needs. Introduce some seasonal inspired furnishings to your dining and living spaces, pick up some cozy faux-fur throws, or browse the wide selection of textured and fabulous area rugs to add warmth and holiday charm to your home. With unbeatable prices and wide selections, you are bound to find some pieces you will love!

2. Pull out the Sterling- Nothing says winter like sterling silver! Shimmering and sleek, sterling instantly adds¬†seasonal flare to any space. Be it sconces, candle holders, flatware or otherwise, you shouldn’t underestimate the decorative value of a sturdy sterling piece!

3. Browse the local Dollar Store- It may seem counter intuitive, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the level of quality and selection of decorative items available at the dollar store! You can find awesome glass jars that when filled with decorative Christmas balls, become instant center pieces!

4. Deck the Halls!- Garnish your stair case and mantle with traditional pine boughs for a festive and inexpensive look! Save your own tree-trimmings and check the Pinterest boards for inspiration and techniques for getting the most out of the tinsel!

5. Get Creative!- The Holiday season is just as much about family and friends as it is about expressing yourself! Let your home be an extension of yourself. Deck the halls with all of pieces that make you happy. Consignment shops, antique stores and craft stores can give you inspiration to let your creative side show and can offer some really unique and affordable ways to spice up your winter decor!

Kiss of Couture,
Amy xoxo

Colibri Collections

Creamy agate, spiky raw amethyst, quartz, onyx, moon stones, turquoise… these are just a few of the dazzling elements you will find in our premiere Colibri Collections fashion jewelry line…

What started as a dream between me and longtime friend, Angie Comer, has since become a blossoming reality. Our collection, named for the light and illusive hummingbird, captures the space where nature and beauty meet. The iridescent earth minerals, set in an array of shimmering designs, add elegance to any ensemble and are guaranteed to capture attention.

Each piece in our collection tells a unique story, inspired by the adventures that have taken us across oceans and continents in search of all the love, joy and beauty that this world has to offer. Make a statement with our bold and daring designs that exude excitement and travel, and make your own memories with them in time.

Our signature alligator cuffs are perfect for day-to-evening wear, and pair gorgeously with our varied selection of earrings, necklaces and rings. We offer premier, hand-crafted pieces that compliment every season, all styles, and any event.

You can browse our collection at the Couture Closets storefront on Main, or attend one of our trunk shows, events that will be featured on our Facebook page.

Be sure to check out Angie’s new website,, for the latest news in style, nutrition and all things Colibri, and continue to follow us here for all that we have to offer, style A to Z.

Kiss of Couture,
Amy xoxo