Month: March 2014

Statement Shades

Whats the one item #AmyAdores for spring? Chic eyewear!

With spring fast (and finally) approaching, I’m ready for some serious sun and a bold statement. What
better way to combine the two, than with a pair of bold, fashion-forward sunglasses. They instantly add
style to everyone’s face and are probably the easiest accessory to grab when glamming up an outfit.
Whether you are just running some Saturday errands, or are dressing to impress, your look isn’t
complete without a pair of “glam-glasses.”
My favorite pair lately are my Tom Ford cat-eye sunglasses and my vintage Dior “Butterfly” frame

These cat-eye frames are my new favorite because they’re a daring choice, yet sleek enough not to be
overwhelming. They create a polished and put-together look, no matter what I decide to wear.
Bonus…the “cat eye” effect offers an instant know the kind I am talking about.
I love taking a simple accessory and turning it into my own signature piece. Think of others that have
changed the way we look at sunglasses, like Iris Apfel with her big, round frames and Anna Wintour, who
wears her signature shades to all the hottest fashion shows. Besides having impeccable fashion sense,
these women have taken sunglasses from being just something we use to shade us from the sun, and
turned them into a tool for defining your style.
With so many different styles on the market, it can be overwhelming deciding which pair is right for you.
Here are a couple tips from me about how to choose this spring must-have…
● Decide what look you’re going for. Do you want your sunglasses to say classic, sporty, or
● Decide on a frame color. Black, tortoise or colorful?
● Make sure you know your face shape and what styles work best with each shape.
● What do you want your sunglasses to accomplish? Do you want everyday wear or a statement
piece, or both?
Don’t be afraid to try many pairs on, it’s important to find the right fit and what looks best on you. If you
want to make sunglasses a permanent part of your style, it never hurts to have as many pairs as
A Kiss of Couture,
Amy R Zimmer


Thanks for Sharing your picture Allison Ezell, your aviators look fabulous. LOVE Brigitte Bartley’s choice of Shades.



Deidre Merrill Waldrop has on her Go to DG shades. Thanks for Sharing.



Women are always looking for different ways to look younger; I’m no different.  In my retail store, Couture Closets, we cater every day to “enhancing” ladies of all ages through a process called… wait for it… retail therapy! We’ve done posts in the past about how jewelry can draw the eye away from the wrinkles, but I’ve got a new idea about how to lose a few years.  Botox and fillers have changed the whole “aging” process, but if you are looking for a more natural and less expensive way to look younger, I suggest spicing up your look with a new hairstyle for Spring!

I recently went in for blow out and came out with a totally different look!  I am known to get a wild hair (literally speaking) when the seasons change.  Nothing too drastic, just enough to change things up a bit for the coming season.  My hairdresser created a cross between Rachel Zoe and I Dream of Jeanie’s, Barbra Eden, so needless to say, I was a happy girl.  After posting my first pics on social media, I realized what I had done was inspire others to do the same and had totally changed my look.  Best compliments were, “you look 10 years younger!”  Ok- I’ll take that.  I’m certainly not the first to do it, (think back to when Michelle Obama cut her bangs and it went viral) and I won’t be the last.  Who knows what next season will bring!

Even if you aren’t trying to subtract the years and just want to be at your best, bangs are the way to go!  All we hear about on the subject of women’s beauty lately is, “anti-aging this or stop time with that.”  But just take a look at these women who’ve changed the game with just a simple cut.

Audrey is the classic go-to for bangs.  No one could ever tell whether she was sixteen or sixty.  I can’t think of anyone else who had such timeless beauty.

Kate Moss sets a great example of how straight-across bangs should fall on your forehead.  And ladies, take note of that ridiculously perfect cat-eye!

What works well together – long layers and side swept bangs.  A combination that goes with any age!

Reese Witherspoon.  The perfect example of hair helping you appear ageless.  Not that she has any, but if she did have laugh lines or crow’s feet, we wouldn’t even notice.  Her bangs add even more beauty to that gorgeous face.

I’m all for a woman that’s comfortable in her own skin and who displays her age with confidence!  Even if you aren’t trying to take back time, this bold hairstyle will make you feel great about yourself (just like we know you already do).  So here’s a little tip from me, from one bangs-lover to the next…

Bangs = The New Botox!

Kiss of Couture

Amy R Zimmer

Starbucks is the new accessory!

“I’ll have a grande half decaf soy latte.”
Everyone knows what I’m talking about; ordering at Starbucks. And everyone has their own
specific drink order that they can rattle off in three seconds flat. My favorite drink may not have a
name as long as others, but I consider it a personal signature!

My husband and I were having a conversation the other day and he said to me that “Starbucks
created the coffee culture that America was missing.” And thinking about it, he’s exactly right!
Starbucks has created it’s own culture and filled a huge gap that was missing in ours. Nowadays, you can’t walk two blocks without seeing that famous green and white sign and
everywhere there are photos of celebrities either walking into a Starbucks location or drinking
from one of their signature cups.
It got me thinking…

  • Starbucks is the new accessory!

Like pampering yourself with a manicure or trying out a new hair style, splurging on your daily cup
of coffee can be something that makes you feel good about yourself. Most women, myself included,
don’t feel complete without making their morning Starbucks run. I know for me, having that cup is
a routine and, now that I think about it, a trendy accessory.
Like I said earlier, Starbucks is everywhere. Here are some places where it’s mandatory to bring
your signature drink and even possible to use it as your own accessory…

* The gym – Nothing wakes you up more than a morning workout, but you need a little something on the way there to get you going!

*The office – Everyone needs a little caffeine to keep them alert during their busy day. And since business settings are often “less is more,” this is the only ornament you’ll need.

* A lunch date – Oops! Forgot your favorite sunglasses? It’s alright, as long as you have your
favorite blend, you won’t feel like you’re missing anything!

* A meeting – Bringing Starbucks to a meeting has become a way to say that you’re ready to
work, but able to still look stylish while doing it. (Plus you’ll get major points for bringing
along some for your coworkers!)
It might be silly to think that something as simple as coffee can be a status symbol, but it is.
Starbucks has become so much more than a café… it’s become a fashion trend. Just look at the fact
that the company is now sponsoring my idol, Rachel Zoe!
So the next time you order that tall, white chocolate mocha with an extra shot, just know that you’re
silently saying, “I’m here, I’m in charge,  and I’m stylish.” What woman doesn’t want that?

A Kiss of Couture,

Amy R Zimmer

Escape. Engage. Explore

Escape. Engage. Explore

It might come as a surprise to you that spring break is right around the corner.  With how hectic the fall season has been, I for one have been looking forward to spring for weeks now.  Warmer weather and a little time for relaxation are on the menu.  Though Spring Break is only a short respite from your busy schedule, a week is plenty of time to rest and re-focus yourself.  If you’re like me, I’m thinking the Caribbean is on the way out.  Palm trees and white, sandy beaches are great, but why not do a little something for yourself this year?

I’ve been thinking of something more invigorating;a place to cleanse the mind and rejuvenate the body. How about spending your mini-vacation at Hotel Domestique?Vacations are for taking care of yourself and Hotel Domestique caters to that “ultimate experience.”  Set in the peaceful atmosphere of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it has everything to offer for both the person needing blissful relaxation,and the adventure-lover in you.

Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina hasn’t yet been listed as one of the top travel destinations for 2014, but I’m thinking that staying at this gorgeous, European-style hotel will change everyone’s minds.  Enjoy long bike rides, both “leisurely and intense.”  Walk through vineyards so picturesque, you will think you’re in the French countryside.  Experience the finest dining and highest quality service at Hotel Domestique’s own Restaurant 17.  Feel the need to explore? The hotel is centrally located so that you’ll have an easy drive to take in the scenery on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or travel to Greenville or Asheville, NC to enjoy a day outing.  Don’t have time for a romantic trip for two and want to bring the family along?  Sure!  Hotel Domestique has everything even the kids could want, including an unbelievable pool (That’s all it takes to make them happy anyway!)

It’s easy to see that Hotel Domestique offers just about everything one could want in the way of comfort, style and inspiration for a truly magical vacation.  So have a getaway… in a place that’s not so far away!

A Kiss of Couture

Amy R Zimmer

“Red lips are the quintessential accessory.” – ARZ

And sometimes that’s all it takes to create a great look. We get wrapped up in putting the pieces of an outfit together and sometimes forget that red lips and a great polish can be our best assets. I believe that TRUE GLAMOUR is in the smallest details. Go BOLD with your lips and LUXE on your nails and you won’t need much else.
Red = power! Choosing a statement lip or nail color can create the same effect as a statement necklace or jacket, but for a much more cost-effective ensemble. Spend much less and pull together any outfit with a classic, yet powerful look that will cause everyone to stare.
These amped up colors will inspire a pout that pairs perfectly with both jeans and an “Oscar” worthy gown, and will elevate any old manicure to star status!

– Chanel nail polishes
– Radiant reds and sophisticated nudes
-Designer lip colors like…
– Dior Rouge Collection lipsticks
– the confidence that these items will inspire in you!

Let inner beauty shine through these simple tips. There is definitely something to be said for always looking pulled together, but it’s sometimes hard to be both classic and dramatic at the same time. I believe that a pop of color is all it takes to be truly GLAMOROUS every day.

Kiss of Couture, Amy R Zimmer