Thank you for your interest in learning a little more about me. I am Amy Rogers Zimmer, a true Southern Lady born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I spend my time juggling between being a wife, mother of two beautiful intelligent children Julia and Heinrich, an entrepreneur of two fashion related businesses, stylist, a columnist at Elysian Magazine and am passionate in philanthropic projects within my community. Most days you will find me starting my day out with meditation, yoga or a work out to get my day off to a great start. I am a firm believer we are only given one health and we have to maintain it to the best of our ability.

South Carolina and Austria are home to me. We share time between both our homes. My husbands native country Austria has always played an important roll in our lives. He is the Honorary Consulate to Austria for North Carolina and South Carolina. Our daughter Julia is currently studying and living in Vienna, Austria. Traveling around the globe has certainly been an inspiration in my work.

My friends refer to me as Madame Z. Perhaps that is indicative to my Leo sign. I am always taking control and try to lead by example. If I recommend a product or service it is because I have personally experienced it and want to share it with you. I love a dialogue and I am open to questions and suggestions. Maybe you have great suggesting for an upcoming column. Please find me on Facebook or Instagram I would love to connect.

xoxo Amy