Let’s face it ladies, the “It-Bag” is a myth.  There is no one certain bag that will be perfect for everyone.  It’s impossible for everybody to like the same shape, same color and same design.  And who wants that?  I like my accessories to showcase my individuality! And unless your budget is over-flowing to allow for all the “It-Bags” you may want to read this in detail!

Though there isn’t one bag for everyone, the neutral tone is a trend that is universal.  A neutral bag isn’t based on its color, though it is a huge reason people purchase them.  The beauty of these bags is in their versatility, how they fit into your lifestyle.  A neutral bag should be able to transition into a season or a situation.  It may be a structured black bag, a metallic satchel, a basic signature Louis Vuitton signature piece, or a simple straw tote.  Any of these examples would fit with almost any outfit.  Below are some of my favorites!

This Celine has everything you need; Structure, style and the perfect neutral color.  Snakeskins are great go-tofor neutral & über chic approach


Metallics are a great way to still make a statement with your accessories while keeping with the neutral trend. Silver, gold, bronze or gunmetal are all winners!

Louis Vuitton has had the right idea from the beginning.  Their signature color is traditional, yet classic. Stay away from knock-offs!

Essential handbags to have in your closet…

  • clutch

  • structured tote

  • cross-body

  • shoulder bag

  • a hobo (if you like larger bags!)


Your bag doesn’t have to have a label to have a value!  If you can’t afford designer bags, buy good ones with great structure and quality.  I only ask that you not support the knock-off designer labels.  A handbag doesn’t have to be wildly expensive to be the perfect bag for you.  Make neutral purchases wisely, because if its good one, you’ll only need one!

A Kiss of Couture,

Amy R Zimmer