Women are always looking for different ways to look younger; I’m no different.  In my retail store, Couture Closets, we cater every day to “enhancing” ladies of all ages through a process called… wait for it… retail therapy! We’ve done posts in the past about how jewelry can draw the eye away from the wrinkles, but I’ve got a new idea about how to lose a few years.  Botox and fillers have changed the whole “aging” process, but if you are looking for a more natural and less expensive way to look younger, I suggest spicing up your look with a new hairstyle for Spring!

I recently went in for blow out and came out with a totally different look!  I am known to get a wild hair (literally speaking) when the seasons change.  Nothing too drastic, just enough to change things up a bit for the coming season.  My hairdresser created a cross between Rachel Zoe and I Dream of Jeanie’s, Barbra Eden, so needless to say, I was a happy girl.  After posting my first pics on social media, I realized what I had done was inspire others to do the same and had totally changed my look.  Best compliments were, “you look 10 years younger!”  Ok- I’ll take that.  I’m certainly not the first to do it, (think back to when Michelle Obama cut her bangs and it went viral) and I won’t be the last.  Who knows what next season will bring!

Even if you aren’t trying to subtract the years and just want to be at your best, bangs are the way to go!  All we hear about on the subject of women’s beauty lately is, “anti-aging this or stop time with that.”  But just take a look at these women who’ve changed the game with just a simple cut.

Audrey is the classic go-to for bangs.  No one could ever tell whether she was sixteen or sixty.  I can’t think of anyone else who had such timeless beauty.

Kate Moss sets a great example of how straight-across bangs should fall on your forehead.  And ladies, take note of that ridiculously perfect cat-eye!

What works well together – long layers and side swept bangs.  A combination that goes with any age!

Reese Witherspoon.  The perfect example of hair helping you appear ageless.  Not that she has any, but if she did have laugh lines or crow’s feet, we wouldn’t even notice.  Her bangs add even more beauty to that gorgeous face.

I’m all for a woman that’s comfortable in her own skin and who displays her age with confidence!  Even if you aren’t trying to take back time, this bold hairstyle will make you feel great about yourself (just like we know you already do).  So here’s a little tip from me, from one bangs-lover to the next…

Bangs = The New Botox!

Kiss of Couture

Amy R Zimmer