The return of summer signals the return of one of my favorite looks: Bohemian Chic! Warm weather for me means sunny days, Farah Fawcett hair, and getting to wear fun, creative outfits. I love the bohemian look because it’s all about being comfortable. It’s not often that you can look great while feeling totally relaxed in your clothes.
Boho chic combines loose, breezy clothing with light, neutral colors. Some of my favorites for this “village-inspired” look are printed maxi dresses, large floppy hats and oversized tunics. You can easily convert lace pieces and items with beading as well. Throw in a bag with the same trademark name and you’ve got it!

#Bohemian #Style like the the colors of the shirt and the bag is nice

I sent this cause it reminded me of something your mom would like

I’m all about being original and creating an outfit that no one else has, and this can be done with jewelry… jewelry… and more jewelry! True bohemians know that layering is essential and we can mimic this by adding on funky odds and ends we find in our own jewelry boxes.
Bangles, natural stone rings and long necklaces make for the perfect boho pieces. And when in doubt… add some more! When it comes to this trend, there is no such thing as overdoing it!

Channel your inner artist by sculpting a look that is unique and fun, but most of all comfortable.

Layered Boho Necklaces | Bohemian Jewelry