Juicing is a trend that’s been around for years, but has blown up with the recent “health food craze.”
Ever wonder why some svelte celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow , look so
amazing? It’s because they have been advocates of juicing for a long time. We’re not advising that
your goal be to get down to their ultra-thin sizes but to learn about finding a healthier lifestyle for
you. One does not juice to loose weight, however, weight loss is definitely a benefit of juicing.
If you want to make the move towards a healthier lifestyle, a juice cleanse might be for you. Take it
from me , it’s been the best addition I have ever made! I’m a juicing addict now because…
● Clarity- my mind is clear and my body feels great! I’m a creative person, in case you didn’t
know, and when I on my 2nd day into a juice cleanse I have the most amazing clarity for ideas
and stay focused on my task as if I am channeling Super Woman!
● More Energy- with my busy schedule, everything helps. It’s like injecting caffeine into the
veins without making that stop thru Starbucks! Yes, when I am committed to doing a full
cleanse I eliminate coffee! First day is hard but by the second day comes with clarity.
● Reduced craving- I no longer feel the need to eat fatty or sweet foods. However, if I do have a
craving it’s a small one that normally one bite of something sweet can take care of!
● Grab & Go! I’m always on the go and it’s so much easier to just grab the bottle and hit the
● Skin Glow! Yes, your skin will literally start to change over time to reflect all the goodness
you are blessing it with. MAJOR benefit!
The point of juicing is to get rid of the toxins in your body and at the same time fill it with nothing
but goodness from Mother Nature. The benefits are endless. We live in a world packed full of
preservatives, additives, pesticides, science made food and the American “drive-thru” that our
bodies are not designed to handle. The rumor is though, that juicing will be expensive, time
consuming and to be honest, gross. When we think of drinking the juices from raw fruits and
vegetables, it doesn’t sound too appealing. I was a skeptic at first too, but once you try it, you
really won’t go back.
My mother, who is known in our circle as “Paula Deans” fierce rival because of her talented
southern cooking skills has recently taken to juicing. I invited her to a juicing seminar at
Spartanburg’s based Culinary Hub, an über cool event location (more on this below). Understand
I have been juicing for some time now and my mother always thought I was something out of a
science fiction movie because of my “strange ways”! After the seminar and introducing juicing
into her lifestyle she has stopped drinking coke, cut out using splenda, going thru drive-thru’s
and has lost a good 8-10 pds. My friends were worried our “Paula-Dean” had left the building and
we would not have any more yummy pound cakes delivered or coconut cakes on Easter but her
response was “you guys can eat it, I’m not”! So yes, a 10 pound coconut cake was sent fed-ex to
Santa Barbara when my best friend sent her request for Easter! When I asked her how to describe
how she feels after juicing for almost 2 months, her simple response is “much better”! Her goal is to decrease her medication, to loose more weight in a “healthy” way and to spread the good news to her family and friends.

I live in a small town that up until recently had no idea what a “juice bar” was. Tawana Hamby of Good
To Go Juices based out of Taylors, SC is responsible for bringing the juicing trend to Spartanburg, SC-
literally! She delivers her “liquid gold” on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to The Culinary Hub, located at
147 East Main Street in downtown Spartanburg, SC. If you’re looking to break into a healthier routine,
don’t hesitate to go and see her. She can answer all of your questions and put together a plan that is
customized to your needs. For Spartanburg deliver you must call and place your order Monday
mornings for a Tuesday delivery or Wednesday for Thursday delivery. Make sure to order some
protein balls and tell them I sent you!
Whether you’re looking to cleanse and start over, banish bad eating habits, or feel fit in that summer
swimsuit, juicing can fit into every lifestyle. Make a change for a better you. Feeding your body is
necessary, but feeding it the right things is essential.
Good to Go Raw Juice Bar located 5000 Old Spartanburg Road, East Taylors, South Carolina