Daily Dress Up! Why do you do it? by guest blogger Brigitte Stroud

I live in a somewhat small town (at least it FEELS small to me), and people will ask “why are YOU so dressed up?” As if wearing something cute that makes you feel good is a “strange” thing to do! It made me think about the things we wear every day and why we wear them.
The repetiveness got me thinking about dressing up and what that means.  Since when did it become an unusual thing to put effort into what you wear and have fun with fashion? Since when is anyone not wearing sweatpants and a hoodie breaking unwritten social rules? Why should “dressing up” be reserved for special occasions only?
I was inspired to create this list. I firmly believe in “dressing up” every day of your life, and I think you should too!

So why dress up? Here are 25 good reasons.

-Because life’s too short to blend in. Don’t settle for average.
-Because you’re only young once. You’re way more gorgeous than you know & have a fabulous body you’ll one day look back on and wish you had! Take advantage now and show off how fabulous you can be.
– Because fashion is a method of self expression. What are you trying to say?
– Because you never know who you’ll run into. Brad Pitt at the grocery store? Hey, stranger things have happened.
– Because it obviously annoys some people (like the guy who asks why YOU are so dressed up). The fact that it annoys them so much is all the more reason to keep doing it.
– Because you never know, there’s always a chance you could get snapped by some photographer or in the background of a reality show.  (This really happens!)
– Because you deserve to look your best at all times.
– Because you’ll never improve your sense of style if your default look is “I give up”. Yes, that was a Seinfeld reference. But it’s true!
– Because dressing up helps you weed out friends who don’t love you for you. If they have a problem with the way you dress, they’re not the kind of friends you want around.
– Because cute clothes and accessories are a great conversation starter. Wear something fabulous and people will ask you where you got it.
– Because parties aren’t the only time to celebrate.
– Because that fabulous party dress in your closet cost too much to only be worn once.
– Because it’s fun!
– Because even if you live in an “unstylish” city & are scared to dress up, cities don’t become stylish without someone going first. I know it sounds cheesy, but be the change you want to see in the world. Everyone else can follow your fabulous lead.
– Because dressing up helps you make fashion mistakes and get past them. Mistakes happen to everyone and that’s how you learn what not to do – get them out of the way now!
– Because it’s a test of your confidence. Dressing unconventionally forces you to develop the self-assurance necessary to stand out from everyone else.
– Because fashion is one of the rare instances where art comes alive. What artistic statement do you want to make?
– Because if you’ve got it (great style, killer confidence, amazing legs), it’s just wrong not to flaunt it.
– Because someday when you have a 9-5 corporate job and are required to wear business suits, you’re going to miss the freedom of dress you had in college. Experiment now! There’s no better time.
– Because glamour isn’t only reserved for the rich and famous, even though maybe they’d like you to believe it is.
– Because if conspiracy theorists are to be believed, the world might end on 12/31/2012 – that’s only 100 days from now! Even though we all worried about Y2K too, why not be on the safe side? Don’t spend the theoretical 100 days you have left in sweats.
– Because Carrie Bradshaw would not approve of your sweatpants and UGG boots. You can do better than that. And deep down, you know I’m right.
– Because dressing well means you don’t have to do your hair at all – you’ll have that ultra fabulous, slightly disheveled Kate Moss look.
– Because nothing beats the rush you feel when you look in the mirror and LOVE what you see.
– Because you want to. That’s the only reason that matters!

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