” I’m a size 6.”

Guess what? Maybe not.

The fashion industry, as well as clothing, shoes and accessories, is one of my greatest passions. A portion of that, is being able to provide that to you. My staff and I really love what we do.

One of the greatest tools for change lies within the sizes of clothing.Gone are the days of being a size 12 … 8 … 2. Designers today are often creating styles using a different sizing scale, one that American designers are starting to follow as well. Subsequently, at Couture Closets, a luxury consignment shop, we offer a wide selection of custom design that have been altered. In addition, all of our pieces on our website are featured with exact measurements, so that you know precisely what the fit will be. Bearing that in mind, we offer these three words of wisdom.

‘TRY. IT. ON.’

We have two beautiful dressing rooms that often reveal some new ideas and transformations. You know your body better than anyone. As you are shopping, you will see something you REALLY love, but then you put it back because ‘no … it’s not my size.’ Please. Take it off the rack and, all together now: ‘TRY. IT. ON!’ Quite often, I have seen guests come out of the dressing room, wearing an absolutely beautifully sized garment. SURPRISE! It fits; looks absolutely fabulous; and opens up your mind to variety. Finally! You have ‘moved out of your box’, and have the opportunity to increase your wardrobe.

Shoes are often the same way. If you love a pair but they could perhaps a half-size larger, or smaller than what you would usually wear, try them on. They just might be JUST RIGHT! However, if they feel too small, or too large, it depends on a few factors. There are a number of accessories that can make shoes fit and feel more comfortable! I ordered a pair of shoes online, that upon arrival, were a little too snug. Off to Sarge’s for a good week of stretching (give your shoes that are being stretched at least 8-10 days), and they fit great.

Hopefully, this will give you the ability to augment the joys of shopping! Come visit us at our brick and mortar store front at 192 E. Main in Spartanburg, or browse our online shop to find the right fit for you. If you have any questions, please call us! (864) 582-8272

~Kiss of Couture,
Amy xoxo