Whats the one item #AmyAdores for spring? Chic eyewear!

With spring fast (and finally) approaching, I’m ready for some serious sun and a bold statement. What
better way to combine the two, than with a pair of bold, fashion-forward sunglasses. They instantly add
style to everyone’s face and are probably the easiest accessory to grab when glamming up an outfit.
Whether you are just running some Saturday errands, or are dressing to impress, your look isn’t
complete without a pair of “glam-glasses.”
My favorite pair lately are my Tom Ford cat-eye sunglasses and my vintage Dior “Butterfly” frame

These cat-eye frames are my new favorite because they’re a daring choice, yet sleek enough not to be
overwhelming. They create a polished and put-together look, no matter what I decide to wear.
Bonus…the “cat eye” effect offers an instant lift..you know the kind I am talking about.
I love taking a simple accessory and turning it into my own signature piece. Think of others that have
changed the way we look at sunglasses, like Iris Apfel with her big, round frames and Anna Wintour, who
wears her signature shades to all the hottest fashion shows. Besides having impeccable fashion sense,
these women have taken sunglasses from being just something we use to shade us from the sun, and
turned them into a tool for defining your style.
With so many different styles on the market, it can be overwhelming deciding which pair is right for you.
Here are a couple tips from me about how to choose this spring must-have…
● Decide what look you’re going for. Do you want your sunglasses to say classic, sporty, or
● Decide on a frame color. Black, tortoise or colorful?
● Make sure you know your face shape and what styles work best with each shape.
● What do you want your sunglasses to accomplish? Do you want everyday wear or a statement
piece, or both?
Don’t be afraid to try many pairs on, it’s important to find the right fit and what looks best on you. If you
want to make sunglasses a permanent part of your style, it never hurts to have as many pairs as
A Kiss of Couture,
Amy R Zimmer


Thanks for Sharing your picture Allison Ezell, your aviators look fabulous. LOVE Brigitte Bartley’s choice of Shades.



Deidre Merrill Waldrop has on her Go to DG shades. Thanks for Sharing.