Passion. Transparency. Essential.   If I don’t have a connection with something, I become bored and restless. It needs to mean something to me on some level. During my latest mission to find a product to offer in my retail shop, Couture Closets, I discovered a new skin care line called Beautycounter. My immediate ‘catch’ was the essential commitment of the safe, toxin free products, that are not only good for you, but also adheres to extremely high environmental standards and stay true to their strict “Never List”.

This I also found interesting, and rather alarming. The cosmetic industry in the US has not been regulated thoroughly since 1938. REALLY?!?! Oh, yes. The US has banned only 11 ingredients where as Europe has banned 1300…just a little difference!  Beautycounter had banned 1500 ingredients from their product line up. I wanted to learn more and try the product.

The CounterTime line had me at “balm”! The cleansing balm, which can also be used as a mask is like bathing your face in liquid silk. Their Lustro face oils are just that…something to lust over. From calendula #1, jasmine #2 to ylang ylang & wild chamomile #3 are all designed to work in different ways. I personally use #2 for my skin type and #3 is designed to help acne and rosacea. Yes you fight oil with oil so don’t be afraid if you have oily skin.

The makeup line that just recently launched includes a tint, concealer and lip sheers. With makeup artist to the stars, Christy Coleman, as Head of Creative Design I knew it must be great…well…it’s incredible. I have pushed my Chanel, LaPrairie, Dior and even my beloved Armani to the sidelines. That takes serious “player power”!


This skin care and cosmetic lifestyle/product investigation, can be rather
overwhelming. I’ve discovered an essential tool to check the toxic levels
of many items I was using daily: EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database
It’s available as an app (skin deep). I have found this information so fascinating. The app also has a bar code scanner. I’ve been using this valuable tool like a ‘scanning fool!’ However, I do find the website to be more informative and seems to have more items listed. If you don’t find the product your using than get to the bottom of what is in it. Many companies are not so “transparent” for a reason….they are hiding something.  I am marking each product in my arsenal with a Sharpie, indicating it’s 0 – 10 ranking. Zero being the least toxic and ten being the highest. Most of the products I was using rated well over a 4.

I made a commitment to myself to reduce the toxins in my arsenal by 75%. Eliminating anything over a 3. My new newest obsession aka. Beautycounter rates 0-2 so I had certainly found a product to achieve my goals…from skin care to body care. They even offer a children’s line!


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